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Architectural Acoustics

Comprehensive acoustic design input is essential for the proper functioning of any building. Multi occupancy buildings require adequate sound insulation between each unit in order that occupants are not disturbed by their neighbours, whether vertically or horizontally within the building.

The external fabric of any building must be designed so that local prevailing noise sources such as road traffic, railways, aircraft, nearby factories, etc., do not constitute an unacceptable nuisance.

Privacy between individual offices is often overlooked but is a vital ingredient in a well designed office building. The larger open plan office areas must incorporate all the architectural acoustic elements which lead to reasonable privacy between work stations. Conference rooms and lecture theatres must be designed so that acoustical confidentiality and speech intelligibility are excellent.

Add to these common situations the myriad of special requirements that accompany the use of advanced telecommunications and electronic data processing equipment and the case for proper architectural acoustics is proven.

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