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Acoustic Testing & Problem Solving

Pre-completion acoustic commissioning tests may be required to satisfy various project obligations, such as BREEAM, Building Regulations Part E for dwellings, hotels, schools or simply to demonstrate compliance with the client's specifications. Similarly, before a refurbishment project, it may be prudent to examine the acoustic performance of the existing building fabric. Or you may be the tenant in a building which you feel is suffering from poor acoustics, e.g. poor speech privacy between rooms.

Hann Tucker Associates offer a full acoustic testing covering the following areas.

- Sound Insulation Testing (Airborne & Impact Noise)
- Air Tightness Testing
- Background Noise Level Measurements (e.g. from Internal Building Services)
- Ambient Noise Level Measurements (e.g. for External Noise Intrusion or Noise Transfer from Adjoining Internal Areas
- Reverberation Time Measurements in all Spaces from Cellular Offices to Theatre Halls
- External Noise Assessments (e.g. Plant Noise Emissions, Demolition & Construction Noise/Vibration, Activity Noise Breakout etc.)

The above tests can be subsequently used to inform noise/vibration mitigation measures or remedial treatments to a building's structure. Hann Tucker Associates are UKAS accredited for sound insulation and air tightness testing and have over 40 years of experience in acoustics, noise control and vibration control.

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