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noise and vibration engineering

Demolition and Construction Noise and Vibration Engineering

Demolition and construction activities can, by their very nature, produce high levels of noise and/or vibration. This can lead to disturbance and inconvenience to nearby noise sensitive premises such as residences, offices and other commercial properties. This is particularly true in heavily built-up areas where a development site can have a number of diverse neighbours. In addition, many commercial properties contain sensitive computer equipment which may be susceptible to excessive groundborne vibration.

Local Planning Authorities are increasingly requesting that demolition and construction activities are continuously monitored for the impacts of noise and vibration, often as part of The Control of Pollution Act: Section 61 "Prior Consent Agreement". Continuous monitoring can also be used to demonstrate compliance with a pre-agreed schedule of works, such as adhering to regular 'quiet' periods.

Hann Tucker Associates has an extensive range of the latest noise and vibration monitoring equipment with which comprehensive surveys and monitoring can be undertaken. Noise and vibration data may be downloaded either on site or remotely via a modem (depending on site conditions) and presented by means of regular reports. The vibration monitoring equipment may be set to a pre-determined trigger level which can activate an audible or visual alarm or even send a text message to mobile phones.

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