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BB93 Acoustics in Schools

Good speech intelligibility in teaching spaces is fundamental to the success of education facilities. The acoustic design requires careful consideration of room shape, finishes, building services noise and sound insulation against both internal and external noise sources. Addressing these early in the design process is essential to achieve an integrated design with optimum performance at minimum cost.

A large number of existing classrooms in the UK suffer from poor acoustics. The most serious acoustic problems are due to noise transfer between rooms and/or excessive reverberation in rooms, but are resolvable by close attention to acoustical design principles.

Historically, there has been little guidance available on how to achieve the right balance of acoustics in the complex and dynamic environment of a school. The DfES's publication Building Bulleting 93 "Acoustic Design of Schools" now constitutes part of The Building Regulations. It is compulsory for schools and is also widely adopted for other educational buildings.

Hann Tucker Associates have extensive experience with all types of educational buildings, from creches to colleges, and can provide comprehensive advice to those involved in their design and construction.

A selected projects list for educational developments can be viewed in pdf format via the following link.

Selected Projects List for Educational Developments

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