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Environmental Noise

The impact of external noise sources on the surrounding environments depends upon the pre-existing ambient levels. Equally, the development of a building as residential, industrial or commercial premises must pay due regard to the prevailing noise conditions in order that future occupants do not suffer from excessive interior levels.

The same can be said of prevailing vibration levels when a development site is close to a railway, underground train line, or other source of vibration.

The use of the latest Noise Mapping procedures, incorporating Cadna software, provides a detailed and highly visible representation of the prevailing environmental noise climate.

Hann Tucker Associates has an extensive range of modern noise and vibration instrumentation with which comprehensive surveys can be undertaken. Commonly short term surveys are required, typically ranging from 24 hours to a week, for various purposes including supporting planning applications. Longer term noise and/or vibration monitoring is also often required over several weeks, months or years.

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