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Industrial Noise and Vibration

Industrial Noise and Vibration

Industrial noise and vibration affects people both in and near to industrial sites and can even be detrimental to the industrial processes themselves.

The environmental adverse effect of industrial noise on the community is a commonly occurring problem. Its correct assessment requires not only detailed measurements, but tactful liaison with Local Authorities, affected parties and often legal representatives.

High technology processes are very sensitive to excessive noise and vibration. While the detrimental effects are usually readily apparent, the root cause and true nature of the problem is often very complex and not easy or economical to eliminate. Our extensive experience in this field is an invaluable tool in the co-ordination of suitable mitigation measures.

The services of an independent acoustic consultant, with detailed scientific training in sound and vibration assessment, are therefore inevitably the most cost-effective route to a solution. All the above categories of problem require solutions which have minimal effect on the processes involved. Hann Tucker Associates can assist industrialists and their professional advisors in developing these solutions.

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