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offshore noise

Offshore Noise & Vibration

The impact of noise and vibration on an offshore workforce can be significant, due in part to the close proximity of working and living areas. Indeed, due to the particular work patterns common offshore, care is required to ensure that noise and vibration levels on board offshore installations meet with the requirements of the relevant governing authority.

Hann Tucker Associates are able to utilise their significant experience in the onshore noise and vibration sectors to assess the problems faced in an offshore environment whilst taking into account the unique problems inherent to offshore installations.

Recent developments in the renewable energy industries have resulted in an increase in the number of offshore energy projects. As part of these projects significant land/sea interaction is often required for loading/unloading of materials. This can lead to problems with local harbour residents concerned with increases in noise levels due to offshore activities. Hann Tucker Associates are able to undertake environmental noise surveys to establish the existing noise climate and calculate the likely change in noise levels (and subsequent affect on nearby residents) as a result of offshore activities.

Hann Tucker Associates have staff fully equipped with the offshore safety (BOSIET) and medical certificates (UKOOA) required to travel and work in an offshore environment.

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