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Theatre Acoustics, Auditoria Acoustics & Performance Spaces

In most performing arts facilities good acoustics are central to the building's function.

Theatres and auditoria can only be properly designed when sound scientific and engineering principles supplement the art that is intrinsic in determining the requirements of such facilities. If one of these elements is missing, the consequences can be disastrous as evidenced by the number of auditoria, both old and new, which meet the requirements of neither the patrons or the performers.

Studios, whether sound recording; video recording or rehearsal, are generally characterised by their need for flexibility. Fundamental to correct studio design is adequate sound isolation, both between studios and as a means of protecting studios from external and internal noise sources. Within studios and control rooms the finishes can be selected to ensure fixed or tunable characteristics, while providing the interior design architect an opportunity for flair and individualisation.

Hann Tucker Associates provide design advice based upon practical experience from all unique arts genres.

A selected projects list for performing arts developments can be viewed in pdf format via the following link.

Selected Projects List for Performing Arts

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