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Residential / Hotel : PPG24, Building Regulations Part E

Current government housing policy requires that "new housing and residential environments should be well designed and should make a significant contribution to promoting urban renaissance and improving the quality of life".

To achieve the above policy all new residential developments are subject to conditions provided by both local planning and building control authorities. Local planning authorities often require a detailed assessment of noise mitigation measures to protect a development from the adverse effects of environmental noise from road, rail and air traffic.

Building control authorities now have greater responsibility for noise control in homes with the latest version of The Building Regulation Approved Document E.

Hann Tucker Associates is able to assist with the development of design for planning submission. We also provide a comprehensive Approved Document E service, including Pre Completion Testing as a UKAS testing organisation.

A selected projects list for residential and hotel developments can be viewed in pdf format via the following links.

Selected Projects List for Residential Developments
Selected Projects List for Hotel Developments

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