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UKAS Sound Insulation Testing

The revised edition of Building Regulations Approved Document E in 2003 now states that all residential/hostel/hotel type developments now require Pre-Completion Testing, to ensure their criteria for sound insulation performance is satisfied. It also states "Test bodies conducting testing should preferably have UKAS accreditation for field measurements. The ODPM regards members of the ANC Registration Scheme as suitably qualified to carry out pre-completion testing".

Hann Tucker Associates are UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No. 4083) for undertaking field measurements. We are able to provide sound insulation testing throughout the UK.

Advice on construction details, such as robust standard details, and internal room finishes can be provided in order to ensure the standards set out in Approved Document E are satisfied before construction begins.

Hann Tucker Associates is also UKAS accredited for Air Tightness Testing.

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